Fury Over Food Waste Campaign In China


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The recent news about food policy in a restaurant has stirred netizens anger its unprecedented policy in China. A viral video on Weibo has shown how they react to the policy.

The menu was given to customers based on their weight. Credit: The Paper

The sign in the restaurant stated ‘be thrifty and diligent, promote empty plates’ and ‘operation empty plate’.

The customer put their data on the app and scale their weight in a restaurant in China with the food waste campaign. Credit: The Paper

The customers must scale their weight before entering the restaurant with the collected data on the app; the rule was applied in beef in a restaurant located in the city of Changsha. The meal choice will be recommended based on diner’s calorific content, followed by a report of the state-run China News Service, referenced by AFP.

The campaign was initiated on Friday, which sparked provoking from netizen with the hashtags indicated to the video on Weibo- one of China’s social media- with more than 300 million views.

The restaurant sent out an apology on the next morning that said “sincerely apology” to the offending act.

“Our action was mean to encourage us to stop wasting and ordering food in a better healthy way. Weighting Customer forcefully was never our intention”, it stated.

The restaurant incident showed the dilemma in the latest campaign launched by President Xi Jinping on Tuesday to confront the food-wasting issue.

The President stated the number of food waste is shocking and increasing, and consumers are less likely to order less than one plate when they are dining in dubbed the ‘N-1’ system.

Chinese food portions in daily life

“Waste is shameful, and thriftiness is honorable” – Jinping said – according to the state news agency Xinhua.

“Who knows that of our meal in the dish, every grain comes after hard toil? We should still maintain a sense of crisis about food security. The impact of this year’s Covid-19 pandemic has sounded the alarm”, he added.  

N-1 system against the traditional Chinese custom as the amount of food should be various and plenty to show the hospitality of the host. Moreover, poor class in China is mostly affected badly by this new policy. The rising of Tiktok (Chinese social media platform) eating broadcasters is also the cause of this food waste epidemic indirectly. 

The Tiktok eating broadcasters have been becoming a trend in China as users see the potential increase in the views and likes.

A few comments on Weibo
Comment 1: “Bottom class seems likely to expel from society by this law, but we are already thrifty. This will not affect the rich for sure.”

Comment 2: “They control the number of dishes people can order? This level of Control”

Comment 3: “What if a person dinning in alone? How many foods can he order? Zero?”

Credit: The Paper

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