Mia Khalifa Donates $100,000 By Auctioning Off Her Famous Glasses


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Having raised a whopping $100,000 (£76,414) for Lebanese Red Cross’ ‘tireless effort’ in Beirut following the devastating recent blast, Mia Khalifa has continued to flog her signature black glasses for charity.

Following the explosion, which struck 178 lives and wounded 6,000, the former adult movie star of Beirut announced that she would auction out the famous eBay details to raise money for relief. 



Khalifa wrote on Instagram: “I’m just trying to get creative, there’s always more that can be done and this felt like a cheeky way to raise funds and make sure the conversation and attention doesn’t diver from this crisis.”

“Creeps are welcome; your money is just as green as ours.”

“I’m putting the link in my bio for a few hours then changing it back to the Beirut Relief resources landing page. After that I’ll house the links/posts in a pinned memory for ready access.”

“Happy bidding, ya filthy animals.”

Khalifa wrote describing the state of the object as ‘used and abused’: “The novelty glasses are the best prop, I will sign them (if you want), and take one last polaroid wearing them before sending them off to their new home!!!”

The star added additional items to the ‘every $25k raised’ auction, including ‘used sideburn razor,’ ‘the loofa I’ve been meaning to switch out’ and ‘my retainer.’

The posting suggests in this time of crisis, let’s raise funds to help Lebanon’s most precious asset, the Lebanese Red Cross. Adding: “Let’s get wild and raise a s*** ton of money for the Lebanese people.”

Khalifa also reminded fans that they should donate directly to the Lebanese Red Cross if you didn’t have a few hundred dollars to bag the glasses.

Credit: LADbible

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