U.S National Park Service Gives Out One Of The Priceless Advice For Forest Travelers


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What would be your first move when you encounter our “fury guy”? You would likely take advice from the professional like National Park Service.
The Service posted a detailed PSA about what not to do in a funny Facebook post when meeting a bear, including NOT running and NOT scaling a tree too, most notably NOT pushing down a slower friend; their advice is both entertaining and realistic.

Pure comedy advice giving by National Park Service

Credit: National Park Service Facebook


“Our aim on social media is to inform tourists while we host them, to highlight the best of what the parks have to give, but still motivating guests to recycle safely, value park facilities, not get too close to animals and take time to experience a park,” Matt clarified.
Yet to do so, “we also infuse a little ‘health with a grin’ as a means of wrapping knowledge in a more fun and stimulating way.”
That’s exactly what a government agency would not expect from the public, but Matt is persuaded that “it catches their attention and lets them wonder.”
Fun Fact about Bears
1. Bears consume meat and fish mainly but some bears eat vegetables and insects as well.
2. Canada is home to about 60 percent of the polar bears in the country.
3. The Asian black bear has the biggest paws as compared to other species.
4. Black bears can reach speeds of up to 35 mph.
5. Baloo is a sloth bear, from The Jungle Book.
6. About 4,000 Alaskan brown bears stay in Katmai National Park.
7. Most bears come with 42 teeth.
8. Grizzly bears will still remember other bears’ names.
9. North America has at least 600,000 black bears.
10. 10. Approximately 98 per cent of the American grizzly bear population lives in Alaska.
11. 11. The largest polar bear recorded had weighed 1,002 kilograms.

12. Moscow governor trained a big bear to feed his visitors with Vodka pepper.

13. The seals are mainly eaten by polar bears.

14. The Sun bear has the shortest hair to keep cool in dry forests.

15. While bears are heavy and big they can run really quickly.

16. Bears are good for the swimming and climbing.

17. There are only eight live bears.

18. They call a party of bears a sloth.

 19. Bears have a big brain, and are also known as smart mammals.

20. During winter bears sleep away.

21. A polar bear can swim for up to 100 miles without having to rest

 22. The Koala aren’t bears.

 23. The brown bear is national breed of Finland.

24. Asian bears form nests in trees.

25.Bears aren’t urinating while hibernating.

26.Bears walk for miles only to scratch their backs on favorite trees.

27.The official State animal of California is the grizzly bear of California.


With 1,337,047 and 2,8 m followers respectively, the National The Park Service pages have been lauded several times for possessing a strong sense of humor.

Comments enjoy the humor.

The comments really enjoy the humors

Credit: National Park Service Facebook

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